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When I moved from the city to the countryside, it turned out that my current skills do not actually apply much here. It depressed me until it turned out that the new circumstances were extremely inspiring, and at the same time seemed to develop me in an important – from my point of view – direction.

Lavender Cottage

Welcome to Lavender Field, a special paradise offering the therapeutic benefits of sounds, colours and fragrances. Available to guests are two new cottages and the white room in our house. Below you can read about the Lavender Cottage in the paragraph under the calendar 👇
Check the dates in the calendar below and book your stay in this cottage:
July 2024
390 PLN
390 PLN
390 PLN

The attractions awaiting you in the Lavender Cottage include a cozily fitted interior, lavender-pink sunsets, bird song with a concert of croaking frogs in the background, and additionally:

  • on the ground floor a cast-iron wood stove, a comfortable double bed, two bedside tables with lamps, a wardrobe, a table, 4 chairs, an armchair to laze in and hi-fi equipment,
  • on the mezzanine, two single beds with bedside tables,
  • there is also a terrace with an awning, a wooden table and 4 garden chairs, and a wooden deckchair,
  • the ground floor area is 35 m2 + the mezzanine and terrace.

The cottage comes equipped with the following:

In the bathroom you will find a shower, hair dryer, washing machine, clothes dryer, hand and bath towels, and liquid soap.

The kitchen is equipped with a gas cooker, electric oven, cabinets and sundry items such as plates, glasses, pots, cutlery, etc., as well as a fridge with freezer.

Other details: the mezzanine has a low ceiling, is equipped with two 90 x 200 cm beds and bedside tables. On the ground floor there is one double bed (160 x 200 cm) with a soft headboard, a 42 inch monitor with Netflix and YouTube functions, a soundbar (so bring your laptop), a work table for someone using a laptop, a table and 4 chairs, a wardrobe, a furnished terrace, and Wi-Fi.


The cottage area is surrounded by a wooden fence, and your pets are welcome here. But do let us know in advance if you intend bringing a pet with you, by e-mail to the address: rezerwacje@lawendowepole.pl

Don’t forget to bring bedding and bowls for your pets.

Lavender Field HOUSE RULES:

To ensure a harmonious atmosphere at Lavender Field, please follow the rules listed below:

  1. Please keep the place tidy and use the rooms in accordance with their intended purpose. Please bring bedding for your pets to avoid them sleeping on beds and armchairs. Otherwise, we will have to order a specialized service for cleaning furniture and bedding and require you to cover the cost.
  2. Unless other arrangements are agreed beforehand, please keep the noise down between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m.
  3. Upon arrival at Lavender Field, you must check in at reception, presenting an identity document.
  4. If any Lavender Field equipment or rooms are damaged or equipment is lost, guests will be required to cover the related costs. Parents will be responsible for any damage caused by their children.
  5. Lavender Field will not be held responsible for the property of guests.
  6. Smoking indoors is not permitted (otherwise we will have to order a specialist air cleaning service and require you to cover the cost)
  7. Please do not throw any rubbish in toilets – trash cans are at hand. Otherwise, our biological treatment plant may be damaged.
  8. We have dogs and cats at Lavender Field. Please do not feed them or let them into rented premises.
  9. We will be pleased to lend you any available equipment (such as bicycles). This should be arranged at the reception desk. Guests are expected to return any equipment intact.
  10. A bonfire can be lit, but only after agreeing this with the staff. Be especially careful when enjoying a bonfire.
  11. Please report any items left behind after your stay as soon as possible. Any items unclaimed within 3 months will be handed out to those in need.

We also encourage you to abide by the rules concerning environmental and climate protection:

Water savings when using the bathroom

Remember to turn off taps when running water is not needed (for instance while brushing your teeth, or while taking a wash) and use the “stop” function on toilet flush cisterns. Thanks to this feature, when the entire content of the cistern is not needed, simply press the flush button a second time to stop the water flowing.

Heat and electricity savings

When cooking, please select the appropriate size burner for the pot being used (the pot’s diameter should be 2 cms greater than the burner) and use lids on pots (a 30% energy saving). Let’s remember to only boil as much water as is needed.

When using the refrigerator, please remember to:

  • only put cold products in it,
  • always close the fridge door as soon as possible,
  • defrost food from the freezer in the refrigerator,
  • Store food on the appropriate shelves and in the right drawers.

Please turn off any unnecessary lights and electrical devices (including chargers for telephones and stand-by chargers).

Keeping things clean and tidy:

All kinds of rubbish, even small items, such as bottle caps or cigarette butts, should be thrown in the trash bins provided – and not on the ground, as this requires us to pick them out of the grass by hand and could hurt anyone walking barefoot.

Avoiding waste and segregating trash:

Let’s try to keep trash to the minimum by buying produce with the minimum amount of packaging, and by avoiding disposables. It’s best to choose goods in large, returnable or recyclable packaging.

We segregate our trash: 1. plastic, metal packaging and aluminium cans, 2. glass bottles, 3. paper, 4. biological waste, 5. mixed trash – please put them in the appropriate marked bins located in front of the cottage.

We encourage you to drink tap water instead of buying it in plastic bottles. Our tap water is delicious and safe to drink. Producing bottled water consumes a lot of energy, water and fuel for its transportation. And besides, bottled water is not always safe for health.

For bonfires please use only the wood intended for this purpose.

Please leave with reception any used batteries, electro-waste, expired medicines and other hazardous waste so that it may be disposed of properly.

Keeping the noise down:

We kindly ask you to respect the rule concerning noise levels between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m., i.e. by closing doors without slamming, and listening to music at a volume that won’t disturb anyone else. Parents are asked to supervise their children in this respect.

Saving paper:

It’s best to use toilet paper and other necessary articles made of recycled or ecologically certified paper. Please put aside any unnecessary newsprint or cardboard containing no plastic, as this can be sent for recycling.

Smart shopping:

Let’s try to use local products and services where such are available. Whenever possible, choose products certified as ecological, organic and fair trade. If possible, choose goods in the shops that haven’t had to travel long distances to get to us. It’s best to use reusable fabric bags for shopping, or baskets or even empty cardboard boxes. Let’s make larger purchases at one time instead of driving by car to the store several times a day. We also encourage you to shop locally instead of bringing provisions from your home town and to avoid processed foods with preservatives and dyes.

Responsible transport:

If we are driving a car, we should use “ecological driving”, that is, by keeping to a moderate driving speed, and if possible – taking a full complement of passengers, attending to many matters during one trip, and turning off the engine during longer stops. We encourage you to limit use of the car in favour of walking, cycling and canoeing.

When relaxing in the garden, please apply the following principles:

  • let all creatures great and small (amphibians, insects, birds, etc.) live peacefully around us. Catching them or scaring them off only stresses them unnecessarily. Leave plants where they are. Even the nettles by the fence are a valuable medicinal plant or else food for caterpillars, and what looks like some insignificant bush may be a plant we particularly care about.


You can light bonfires, but always with the utmost caution and only in designated places. Branches for the bonfire are available, so please ask reception.

Please don’t break branches off living trees and bushes for the bonfire, and don’t use chemicals to light the fire, such as grill lighters, petrol, etc. Bonfires shouldn’t be lit in strong winds and dry weather. After a bonfire is over, cover the embers with sand or pour water on them.

PLEASE NOTE! Under no circumstances use water to extinguish a fire in the cast iron stove in the cottage. Fire in a cast iron stove is extinguished by simply adding no more wood.

Day trips and walks

Dogs may be taken on a (long) leash for walks in the area around Lavender Field.

During your walk, please do not destroy plants, frighten animals, make too much noise or drop litter, and please observe the applicable regulations and the rules regarding environmental protection. We ask you to act responsibly in protected areas, such as the Kamienna Góra Reserve. Outside protected areas too, we ask you to care for nature, the environment and local residents.

When taking a walk, please take a bag for your own rubbish and – better still – also for any other litter found along the way.

Please refrain from using cosmetics if you intend to go kayaking or swimming in the lakes.

If you don’t encounter a toilet during your walk, please remember the age-old solution of digging a shallow pit and covering matters with earth, and ladies please also remember to take any used hygiene products home with you.

Please pay attention to any “illegal garbage dumps”, note their location and take a photo – that way we can together report such incidents to the village authorities or foresters.

Observing wildlife

During trips to the forest, it is easy to get close to wild animals (birds, foxes, moose). Therefore, you should drive carefully, especially in the dark. Large mammals are active at night and a collision with one could have tragic consequences. In late summer, when young birds are just learning to fly, they are regularly hit by speeding cars, so please be careful and reduce your speed.

In the event of an encounter with a wild animal:

  • It’s best to stay in the car and watch through the window or hide behind another form of cover.
  • Don’t direct car lamps, flashlights or camera flashlights at animals.
  • Don’t make noise, shout, talk loudly, or slam car doors, and don’t make any sudden movements.
  • Keep a distance so that the animal doesn’t feel stressed. In particular, never mix with a group of animals or separate a female from her young. It’s best to keep your distance and take a close-up photo using your zoom lens.
  • Don’t feed wild animals.
  • Don’t throw anything at the animals.
  • Keep well away from the breeding areas of birds.

In the event of knocking down or finding an injured wild bird or other animal, the person on duty at the Olsztyn Straż Miejska (Police) should be notified immediately by calling (89) 52 28 112 / mobile 603 777 858, who:

  • will notify the wildlife centre in Bukwałd about your arrival – in the event of you delivering the bird to the centre yourself;
  • will put you in touch with the Bird Guard (Ptasia Straż) when help or consultation is needed. You can decide what to do next together with the volunteers at the Bird Guard (the number for the Wild Birds Rehabilitation Centre in Bukwałd is 664 173 828)
  • https://www.gov.pl/web/gdos/wykaz-osrodkow-rehabilitacji-zwierzat

Picking herbs and wild mushrooms

Picking herbs and wild mushrooms is possible under the following rules:

  • The picking of protected species is forbidden.
  • Only pick species of plants and wild mushrooms that you know well and can be sure of – you are fully responsible for the use of the herbs and mushrooms you pick.
  • Always pick only a part of one plant, so that the remaining part can regenerate and keep growing. Don’t pick, destroy or uproot whole plants or tear off more than necessary (if picking flowers or leaves, don’t break off whole twigs).
  • When collecting herbal material, don’t destroy the plant by breaking off branches, uprooting it, damaging the trunk, etc., or any other vegetation growing around the herb.
  • You should only pick as much raw material as you will use, so that nothing is wasted.

Participation in local events

We ask our guests to behave in such a way during their trips around the area that do no harm to nature and don’t in any way offend local inhabitants.

When observing or participating in local celebrations (especially religious ones), please behave responsibly so as not to interfere with or obstruct such celebrations, and at the same time this will give you a chance to learn about local traditions and develop tolerance and respect for the same.

Active measures to protect nature include, for example, reporting any illegal garbage dump to the village authorities, helping to clean it up, reporting the discovery of a protected species site to the village authorities, reporting the discovery of a natural monument (some outstanding natural feature) to the village authorities, etc., according to one’s abilities, ideas and skills.


We kindly ask guests to share with us their opinions about their stay at Lavender Field, preferably during their stay. We will be grateful for your suggestions and comments.


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